PRESS ROUNDUP - Magazine covers, CitizenCon and more

November 29, 2017

On the heels of some wonderful press coverage from CitizenCon in late October, two European magazines decided that Star Citizen should grace their respective December issue covers. First up was PCGames in Germany which highlighted some of the procedural cities technology that Chris Roberts showed off during his keynote address at CitizenCon in Frankfurt.The Star Citizen issue is currently available on magazine stands in Germany.


And if you live in Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg)you’ll want to also check the local magazine stands for GamePlay magazine, which this month sports yet another Star Citizen special feature and cover art from CIG’s talented art team.


And speaking of CitizenCon, the media was fascinated (as we all were) with Chris Roberts’ demo of the aforementioned procedural cities technology. Polygon called it “right out of Blade Runner.” In keeping with that theme, PCGamer’s Joe Donnelly called the demo, “very Blade Runner-esque.” Eurogamer’s headline read, “Star Citizen shows off cities the size of planets.” And Game Informer noted the immersion of the demo with a hat tip to the fans at CitizenCon. “Star Citizen has been all about immersion since it was crowdfunded back in 2012. This update promises to add more of that, which, judging by the cheers of the audience, is exactly what Star Citizen players want. Maybe the spectacle of this giant city will draw new players to the game too.”

There was more Star Citizen news over the past few weeks. MCV, the longtime trade publication in the UK, visited with Chris Roberts at Gamescom in August for an extensive interview and just recently posted a transcribed portion for its readers. In the interview Chris responds to several topics including community, Star Citizen development and even touched on the topic of release dates. You can read the full story here.

Another story from CitizenCon had some “long legs” in terms of press coverage was the Intel Optane 900P SSD bundle announcement with the new Sabre Raven ship from Star Citizen. The news was well received by the crowd at CitizenCon and many of the computer hardware and trade press published stories on the announcement. And it seems some retailers were having a had time keeping the new SSDs fulling stocked in their stores. Part of the issue, according to Tom’s Hardware reporter Chris Ramseyer, was the incredible interest in the Sabre Raven. You can read the story here.