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Founded in 2012 by visionary game developer Chris Roberts and a rag tag crew of decorated film and gaming industry veterans in Austin, Texas, Cloud Imperium was poised to forever change the way games were made. Today, Cloud Imperium remains true to those original objectives, having grown to facilitate a crew of over 700 of the most talented people in the industry operating out of five studios around the globe. We’re still making the world’s greatest games – record-shattering space sim Star Citizen, and story-driven single-player epic Squadron 42 - utilizing an unprecedented level of collaboration with our community of passionate players and fans, while continually pushing the boundaries of what games, and a game studio can be.

Our Story

Star Citizen: Shattering Records

The largest crowdfunded project of all time, Star Citizen combines classic space sim gameplay with boundary-pushing visuals in a massively multiplayer setting. More than 3 million people from around the world have now joined the project, discovering that they’re more than just supporters, they are also collaborators, helping to mold and build the universe they're playing in.

Our Mission

Redefining the classic space sim

We're creating a universe that combines the freedom of exploration, the thrill of combat, and the unique challenge of building a life in space. Star Citizen puts ultimate control in the hands of the player, whether they're making their way as a cargo hauler, charting the great unknown, or scraping out a living outside the law, players will navigate through a mixture of procedurally generated and handcrafted worlds, interacting with a variety of compelling characters.

One Universe

Welcome to the 'Verse

Cloud Imperium started with a dream. A dream to build a universe at a level of detail that hadn’t been seen. A place that would draw in players to experience worlds of rich, diverse characters and boundless imagination. We strive to build a team that represents all walks of life, and we want every employee to bring all the things that make them unique to the work environment. A universe where everyone is welcome to dream.

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