Star Citizen Launches New Merchandise Program (April Fools!)

New Star Citizen Merchandise Program Brings More to the Immersion of the Universe with Real World Scent-Tech & Smell over IP Hardware Add-On

April 1, 2019 - Today, Star Citizen adds to its constantly growing (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly) merchandise program with a new cologne line available for immediate purchase as well as the announcement of a new partnership with Faceware to create a “Smell Over IP” (SOIP) hardware add-on that will pump the smells of space directly into consumer’s living rooms.

“We’re always looking for feedback from our community, and when we put out a poll for upcoming merchandise options, we were shocked that everyone wanted Star Citizen fragrances,” said Christiano Roberto, CEO & Director of Scent Bouquets, Quantum. “So we went to Faceware, and they immediately taped some air fresheners together with popsicle sticks to make a prototype. This new technology means we can pump the smells of the stars right into wherever you’re playing Star Citizen.”

The Scents of the Stars (™) program will launch with a singular debut fragrance, Quantum. This classic fragrance of the past meets the mysterious essences of the future, with an innovative cultivation of scents that transcend space, time and development to stay always relevant.

Additional aromas are available to pledge prior to their launch, including Bishop No. 42, “Oppression” by Hurston and “Kayfa Kiss,” by Inmersión.

The entire collection is available for pre-order today in an ultra-deluxe limited edition collector’s gift set, conspicuously priced at $27,000. Visitors who pledge will be granted the exclusive opportunity to join Cristiano Roberto for an upcoming launch party at a TBD date in the far future on a gold-plated 890 Jump.

About Quantum This totally real and definitely not made up company is located somewhere in space in the year 2949. You can read more on Quantum at

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