Frankfurt, Germany

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It may be known for its imposing skyline, but Frankfurt has much more to offer than impressive architecture. Frankfurt is the most international city in Germany, with a massive foreign population hailing from more than 197 countries. If you want to plan a longer-range expedition, Frankfurt’s airport is just a twenty minute train ride from the city center and has non-stop flights to hundreds of destinations in ninety countries.

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Home to many international employees, our team is an incredibly friendly and close-knit group, cultivating a fun and socially active community that breaks down departmental boundaries. Here you’ll never be wanting for someone to join you for a Friday night drink in the team lounge. In addition to many company-sponsored events and festivities, many employees organize their own activities as well, creating a constant atmosphere of camaraderie. Our Motto: GO TEAM! ♥

Together, we are not only building a universe but a place to make meaningful connections, a place to create and share stories. Many companies have a foosball table and free fruit nowadays, but respecting your employees' and your customers' thoughts and ideas is something special that makes Cloud Imperium stand out above the rest.

Ulf Kürschner, Lead Community Manager
part of the Frankfurt team
Frankfurt office

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