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Our Wilmslow studio is perfectly situated to combine the charms of the English countryside on its doorstep with the big city thrills of Manchester and its gateway to the rest of the world. Whether you want to stay grounded by walking through the parks, or fly around the planet with direct flights via Manchester Airport, it’s all just minutes from our beautiful country town. While at the studio, an in-house barista offering the best coffee in town, a pool table and foosball table, make it easy to enjoy your working life. We're currently packing up for the move to our brand new Manchester office later this year, and looking forward to seeing you there. More information on the new cutting-edge facility can be found here.

Our Manchesterculture

Our team is like a large working family, always supportive and appreciative of each other’s diverse talent, backgrounds and ideas. There is a deep understanding that we will rise to challenges together and that ideas improve when bounced around. Our love for gaming, imagination, and fun is also evident in our extramural activities. With employees engaging in tabletop gaming, board games, indoor football, online games, baking, coffee and more, it’s always easy to find others who share your passions.

What I enjoy most about working at Cloud Imperium, is firstly, the scope of Star Citizen. The challenges that come with the quarterly releases and events is something I look forward to. Watching my teams come together and deliver exceptional results every quarter with the strategies we create is incredible to see.

Deen Mugal, Live Release QA Supervisor
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Cloud Imperium Games to Open New Videogame Development Studio in Manchester, UK, in 2022

Cloud Imperium Games to Open New Videogame Development Studio in Manchester, UK, in 2022. The Manchester studio will create more than 700 jobs in the metropolitan area by 2023, and over 1,000 within the next five years.

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