PRESS ROUNDUP - New Ships Grab the Headlines

March 03, 2017

New ship announcements are usually headline grabbers when it comes to Star Citizen coverage and last month’s news was no different. “Star Citizen has added a new ship and it’s awesome,” exclaimed the headline on CinemaBlend. CB’s story was all about the Anvil Hurricane’s concept announcement late last month and they created their own video to accompany the story. “The A4A Hurricane is a sleek little ship designed to pack a big punch during combat. The objective of the ship rests in a design made to punch through enemy shields with extremely devastating weapons,” wrote William Usher. You can see and read all about it here.

Earlier in the month, we released a preview video of the MISC Prospector, and DualShockers was impressed with the “fantastic lighting effects.” They even complimented the “fancy bed sheets” found inside the mining spacecraft. You can read Giuseppa Nelva’s story here.

The Prospector also made a positive impression on the editors at SegmentNext, who called the lighting effects “amazing.”

There was more news that caught the attention of the media. The release of Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.1 generated an expected amount of buzz. And in the build-up to that release, one of the features that generated some headlines was the news that regional servers would be rolled out in the alpha update, sooner than expected. Several outlets covered the story including GameSpot and TweakTown.

Finally, Red Bull, has posted a fascinating infographic on Star Citizen’s development over the years. It’s a nice piece that highlights the number of players who have backed the project, the amount of money they’ve spent on the project, a breakdown of the ships in Star Citizen (most expensive to the longest and heaviest) to the size of the Star Citizen universe. You’ll enjoy reading and seeing what it’s all about.