PRESS ROUNDUP - Star Citizen 3.0, Javelins and more

April 19, 2017

When Chris Roberts announced the Star Citizen 3.0 production schedule last Friday, it didn’t take long for the gaming media to post their reactions. SC 3.0 is a much anticipated update, reflected in several of the stories.

“Time to get your space-face ready and go on an intergalactic adventure,” wrote TheTech52’s Ahmed Abdullah. “The PC exclusive game is on the right path.”

PCGamesN detailed some of the new features expected in 3.0. “Adding in three new moons, a new planet, derelict ships to explore as well as the ability to load and unload cargo from your ship, this update is one for all the space truckers out in the galaxy.”

PC Gamer’s Tom Sykes focused on some of the other features coming your way in Star Citizen’s next big update. “3.0 is set to make a huge number of changes to the ambitious space sim, with new art assets, performance improvements, design changes and more across the game’s disparate aspects, while it attempts to bring the space sim bit, the FPS bit, the space station bits and so on a little closer together.”

And there were more updates on 3.0 from many other gaming outlets including Gamespot, Dark Side of Gaming, CinemaBlend and GamingBolt.

Prior to the 3.0 announcement, CIG released a new video highlighting the Javelin destroyer, and several outlets picked up the story. HardCoreGamer reporter Spencer Rutledge was impressed with the big ship and beyond that had some impressive statements about Star Citizen development in general. “ Space looks mighty gorgeous, besides just about everything in this game. Star Citizen might still be in Alpha but it’s looking great every step of the way. Foundry (42) sure does seem to want to deliver the most immersive space-sim ever.”

Other stories on the Javelin came from MMORPG and PCGamesN.

And finally, in case you missed it, in February Foundry 42 UK sent a team of developers to the PC Gamer Weekender event in London to provide attendees with an update on Star Citizen’s progress. Earlier this month PCG released a video of the session which you can view here. Enjoy the update from CIG & Foundry 42’s Carl Jones, Will Maiden, Luke Pressley, Sean Noonan and Simon Vickers.