PRESS ROUNDUP - Mark Hamill, GamesBeat Summit, 3D World Magazine

May 19, 2017

The past month has been busy with lots of stories from news outlets covering Star Citizen. One of the biggest headlines took place when CIG dropped some brand new footage of Mark Hamill playing the role of Old Man Colton in Squadron 42. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to get fans and media talking and it was no coincidence that the video was released on May 4, commonly known as Star Wars Day. The new footage was seen at the end of the May 4 episode of Around the Verse (ATV).

PC Gamer got the jump on the story and provided a clip of the video along with this teaser quote, “Hamill’s character delivers a few lines of dialogue from the cockpit of his ship, including a question we’ve all been asked at one point or another: “You ever get punched in the throat?”

Further coverage of the surprise release came from among others, GamingBolt, Yahoo and The Rollling Stone’s new gaming portal, Glixel.

Another highlight of the previous month was Chris Roberts speaking to gaming industry business execs at the GamesBeat Summit taking place in Berkeley, California on May 2. Chris was interviewed on the panel by Amazon Games’ Rich Hilleman about creating games with infinite computing power. Veteran gaming journalist Dean Takahashi, who hosted the entire summit, provided a wrap-up of Chris and Rich’s Q&A. You can read his accounting and read his story here.

The New York Times decided that with close to $150 million raised in crowd funds for Star Citizen, it was time to take a closer look at the game and the guy behind it all, Chris Roberts. The article published online on May 10 also appeared in the May 11 print edition of the NYT. It is an interesting read and if you aren’t familiar with the crowd funding history of Star Citizen and the people who are backing the project, you’ll likely find it fascinating. While the online headline perhaps raised some unnecessary issues over an otherwise good story, the print edition headline was quite the opposite, “Fans Pledge Millions for a Chance to Play.” A bit perplexing how the same story on different platforms from the same media outlet could have such contrasting headlines.

We’ll end with some amazing Star Citizen art on 3D World magazine, which is distributed globally. CIG Character Art Director Josh Herman created this image for the magazine which is on sale now on newsstands. The article that accompanies this issue includes tips from Josh and other CIG Art Directors Paul Jones, Ian Leyland and Nathan Dearsley about breaking in to the gaming art business. Perhaps we’ll be seeing some of those aspiring artists working soon at CIG. Enjoy.