PRESS ROUNDUP - Star Citizen 3.0 Comes Up Big on Two Major Gaming Industry Magazine Covers

August 10, 2017

If you reside in Germany or the US, you’ll see something familiar on your local magazine stand. Star Citizen once again is gracing the covers of both GameStar in Germany and PC Gamer in the United States this month.

GameStar was out early with its cover story issue last month. Inside is a 14 page multi article feature on Star Citizen Alpha 3.0. Writers Benjamin Danneberg and Nils Raettig spent a day in the Frankfurt office in late June to get a first hand look at the highly anticipated update to Star Citizen. Both writers were able to sit down and play through a demo (the first members of the media to do so).

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And here are the results of those efforts. If you are interested in reading the full article (in German) just click the link on the cover story image below. Since this is an exclusive story in print, there is a charge to see the entire article.


Not to be outdone is PC Gamer, which also received an exclusive look at Alpha 3.0 in the Los Angeles office of CIG in early July. Christopher Livingston actually grabbed the controls and was able to play through an entire early version of the demo, planned for Gamescom later this month.

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Last month in a preview story to his feature article, Livingston had this to say about his experience: “As promised, it was a seamless transition: taking off from the space station, flying into space, making a quantum jump to the Daymar (moon), entering the atmosphere, and landing. Having moons to land on and explore, finally, is exciting. I enjoyed my brief time with the 3.0 build, and now I find myself anxious to return and plant my boots on terra firma once again.”

The PC Gamer story is already in the hands of subscribers and will be out on newsstands on August 15 in the US. Hope you get a chance to pick one up.