PRESS ROUNDUP - Gamescom Wrap

September 08, 2017

Gamescom 2017 proved to be yet another successful showing for Star Citizen. The massive gaming expo is attended by hundreds of thousands of people…most of them consumers and fans ready to see and play the hundreds of games on display at Cologne’s sprawling convention center. Additionally there is a multitude of game developers, bloggers, streamers, analysts, marketers and members of the media all looking for (or reporting on) the next big thing in the games industry.

CIG rolled out Star Citizen at three separate showings at Gamescom. SC backers and fans could catch the game at our booth on the show floor and/or they could see the unveiling of many of the new features coming soon in Alpha 3.0 at the fan event at Cologne’s Gloria Theater.



You can check out the full presentation from the Friday night event here. And to see what goes on behind the scenes of CIG’s Gamescom presentations, you can check out this special Around the Verse broadcast.

And the third Star Citizen showing at Gamescom was a special “behind closed doors” location for members of the press. And those reporters had some favorable things to say about what’s ahead for Star Citizen’s 3.0 release. “Star Citizen looks fantastic, and the fact that all this will be possible, all going to plan, within the same server blows my mind,” exclaimed PC Gamer’s Joe Donnelly. “It’s made what feels like leaps and bounds since its Gamescom showing last year.”

“It’s simply glorious,” wrote DualShockers’ Giuseppe Nelva. Harkening back to the days of one of the most successful space sims ever, Nelva went on, “The ability to fly multi-crew player-controlled capital ships, take off and land from their hangars while sailing in space, and then walk to the cafeteria to have a chat with that cute mechanic, is something that I have dreamed to see and play since the epic days of Wing Commander.”

One bit of news that garnered a lot of attention from the press was CIG’s plans to use Faceware Tech’s facial animation technology in Star Citizen. Reporters and fans got to see a demo of the technology in-game and the feedback was positive. “One of the most technically advanced games of our time is using some cool Face Over Internet Protocol solutions,” read the headline from 80 Level. And from Mashable came this headline, “Super-cool game tech will copy your facial expressions in real time.”

And wrapping up, the show from the floor at Gamescom also received a lot of coverage. Some of Star Citizen’s top streamers were on hand (along with some familiar CIG community and developer faces) to provide a preview of what’s to come in Star Citizen. And when CIG released a 45 minute peak of 3.0 gameplay from the showfloor demos, it received a lot of pickup from the press sites everywhere, from the small sites (GamersPrey) to the not-so-small (Rolling Stone).

Another successful Gamescom in the books for CIG and Star Citizen!