Foundry 42 Ltd Rebrands to Cloud Imperium Games Ltd

Today we filed with UK Companies House to rename Foundry 42 Limited to Cloud Imperium Games Limited. This re-brand reflects Cloud Imperium’s unified, global approach to the creation of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. With development spread across five studios, spanning multiple countries, and with more than 500 employees, we’re heading full-bore towards the release of Squadron 42 while continuing quarterly releases for Star Citizen, together under one banner. 

All of our five development studios in the US, UK and Germany will now operate under our “Cloud Imperium” banner. We’re creating Star Citizen (a record-shattering, hyper-real space sim) and Squadron 42 (a Hollywood-caliber, story-driven epic set in the same universe). Both games operate in open development, which means we share our progress and update our backers in near real-time. So, it makes sense that all these updates come from the same united company.

To follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42, visit our website.

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