Cloud Imperium Board of Director Updates

Today, Cloud Imperium announces Sandi Gardiner and Marc Nitsche have joined the company’s Board of Directors. Sandi joins the board as a newly appointed member, while Marc Nitsche replaces Dan Offner.

With the appointment of Sandi Gardiner and Marc Nitsche, Cloud Imperium’s Board of Directors now consists of six members, including Chris Roberts, Ortwin Freyermuth, Erin Roberts, and Eli Klein. Chris Roberts retains full control of the Cloud Imperium Board and Group.

About Sandi Gardiner

Sandi Gardiner has a background in marketing from entertainment, fashion and real estate. She is an original founder of Cloud Imperium Games. Her community-focused approach to building the Star Citizen community has been instrumental in the success of Cloud Imperium.

About Marc Nitsche

Marc Nitsche began his career as a broker on Wall Street. Mr. Nitsche holds a juris doctor degree in law and a master of law degree in taxation from New York University. He was Special Counsel to the New York law firm of KMZ Rosenman where he practiced law from 1976 to 1992. From 1992 to 2003 Mr. Nitsche was based in Geneva, Switzerland and conducted an international legal and investment advisory practice. In 2004, Mr. Nitsche moved to the Cayman Islands to oversee the investments of a single family office. He currently acts as an advisor to that family office as well as serving as a director on a number of large investment funds.

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