Star Citizen Announces Alpha 3.6

Today, Cloud Imperium releases Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 to all backers. Alpha 3.6 continues Cloud Imperium’s commitment to updating the Persistent Universe with new content quarterly and adds many new and exciting features. The patch’s major addition is the law system, which codifies nineteen laws across multiple jurisdictions, both planetary and beyond. Those who break the law in 3.6 will also be confronted by NPC forces tasked to take down those who embrace the criminal lifestyle. Also debuting in Alpha 3.6 are missions that encourage players to skirt or challenge authority and tackle the long arm of the law head-on.

“Star Citizen has always been about player choice and playing the way you want to play, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lawless universe,” said Chris Roberts, CEO and Game Director. “The new law system brings a much more systemic approach to law and order throughout the Star Citizen universe; different locations and factions can have different rules which will be enforced by AI or even other players as the crime becomes more serious. It’s yet another step on the road to a fully breathing dynamic universe that reacts to and is shaped by the players actions.”

In Alpha 3.6, legal infractions range from minor infringements addressed with fines to major offenses resulting in a “kill on sight” order. Players with an active crime stat can run, leave the jurisdiction, pay off the authorities, or head to one of several new crime stat hacking locations. There, they can use a hacking tool to remove their crime stat and return to civilized society unharmed. However, time is a factor, as players with active crime stats become the target of counter-missions that task other players with stopping them at any cost. Additionally, the new black market economy provides a “safer” path for players to dispose of illegally-acquired goods through some of the less-than-reputable vendors in the universe.

Also new to Star Citizen Alpha 3.6:

Systemic Improvements

• Ship Purchasing Kiosks: Nearly all of Star Citizen’s 90+ flyable ships and drivable vehicles are now purchasable in-game, with in-game currency.

• FoIP + VoIP Improvements: You can now use Face over IP or simple VoIP calls to “hail” other ships, giving players another way to connect with each other, team up, and communicate across the massive Star Citizen universe. Additionally, FoIP and TrackIR now power “free look” via headtracking technology, allowing players to control their in-game FPS controls by moving in real life.

• New Space Stations: To cope with the constantly expanding playable space, new space stations are now sprinkled throughout the Stanton system. These massive space stations feature docking pads, shops, and other points of interest to explore.

Ships & flight improvements

• Hover Mode: Hover mode automatically activates near planetary surfaces at low speed. When engaged, ships swap to VTOL thruster mode to level them out and ensure a safe landing.

• Vehicle Item Degradation & Misfires: Items such as powerplant’s and thruster’s performance now degrade through heavy use, overheating and damage accumulation, leading to misfires. In addition, all vehicle weapons now support visual degradation.

• Ship Shield System: Shields have been reworked to add major differences between manufacturers and classifications to provide a difference in feel and value between equipment.

Updated Ships and New Weapons

• Anvil Ballista: this surface-to-air missile equipped ground vehicle features long range scanning and radar, plus the firepower to control the skies from the ground.

• Aegis Vanguard Warden: a hard-charging bulldog of a fighter craft that features extensive forward-mounted weaponry designed to tear through enemy shields and armor.

• Kruger Intergalactic P52 Merlin: ideal for racing, local recon, and fast combat, this snub fighter ship is designed to be transported aboard a larger ship. With a centerline-mounted Gatling cannon and Lightning Power engine, it’s fast, maneuverable, and packs a punch.

• Kruger Intergalactic P72 Archimedes: This sister craft to the Merlin is a snub fighter featuring an extra intake and lighter hull to deliver exceptional handling and boost capabilities in a sleek package.

• Behring s38 pistol: this standard sidearm is in widespread use across the Empire for both citizens and law enforcement officers, with functionality that minimizes recoil while enabling quick semi-automatic fire.

• MaxOx Neutron Repeaters ship weapon: this weapon is designed for devastating close-range ship combat, featuring a twin barrel system firing neutron projectiles at a rapid rate.

• Klaus & Werner Lumin V submachine gun: even when constantly on the attack, the gun's excellent design provides low recoil and a tight spread, while firing single energy bolts or bursts of five shots at a time.

To learn more about Star Citizen, visit For additional information on Alpha 3.6, click here. For more art from Alpha 3.6, visit here..

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