Senior Graphics Programmer - Wilmslow

Wilmslow / Derby
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Cloud Imperium is looking for a Senior Graphics Programmer in our Wilmslow Studio to work on our exciting PC space combat sims; Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

Number of vacancies: 2

Salary bracket: £40,000 - £65,000

Opening Date: 7th May 2019

Closing date: 4th June 2019

Location: Wilmslow, Cheshire - UK

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Research and implement new cutting edge graphics technology and tools

• Analyse, refactor and improve upon existing graphics technology

• Assist and mentor other software developers in use of graphics/rendering features

• Implement shaders to achieved desired visual Effects

• Profile and optimise the entire rendering pipeline, including lighting and shading components of the game

• Keep up to date with graphics and rendering techniques and tools

• Assist team members with debugging and fixing graphics related problems

• Actively participate in assessing and setting rendering budgets and communicating these to the company

• Pro-actively identify and address problems

• Up-to-date knowledge of the latest rendering techniques such as PBR & Compute

• Mentoring junior members of the team


• Strong C++ and multi-threaded programming skills

• Strong mentoring skills to train junior members of the team

• Very strong skills in C++, HLSL, DirectX and other relevant APIs and languages for modern graphics technology

• Strong software debugging skills to effectively track/diagnose/solve a variety of complex issues

• Expert in 3D rendering, 3D math, and optimization of the complete rendering pipeline

• Work well in a cooperative team environment

• Ability to innovate, plan, and deliver full features

• Excellent English communication, both written and verbal

Qualifications and Experience:

• Qualified to Batchelor Degree level in Computer Science, Maths, Physics or comparable type degree

• Renderer development experience using DirectX, and optionally OpenGL

• Experience with modern rendering techniques such as PBR

• Experience creating and optimizing shaders in HLSL

• Experience working with artists to help realize their ambition while balancing workflow, performance and maintainability

• Management experience

• Experience mentoring junior and mid-level programmers

• Experience working with a large shared code-base, including testing, code-reviews and source-control