One Universe

Cloud Imperium is a global company, staunchly committed to cultivating a culture and workplace that celebrates all backgrounds, lifestyles, and perspectives. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we strive to build a team that represents all walks of life, and we want every employee to bring all the things that make them unique to the work environment. The universe is vast, and it’s our differences that make it special.

Our community has always been a part of the Cloud Imperium experience, and this spirit of inclusion naturally expands to our family of players and fans. From our earliest days on this journey, we’ve worked with our community to create a place where everyone feels included. A place where authentic recognition, appreciation and understanding of the importance of diversity is fostered by everyone at all times.

One Mission

Infinite Perspectives

Cloud Imperium is committed to building experiences for everyone to enjoy, whether that’s in our studios, on our community forums, or in the far reaches of virtual space. Our goals are to smash boundaries, build connections, and foster an environment of creativity and inclusion. We strive to build universes where everyone's unique perspectives contribute to experiences in-game and in life, on a scale no one has ever seen.

International Women's Day

Celebrating Women

Women of CIG is a company-sponsored Employee Resource Group designed to support Cloud Imperium Games' efforts to create inclusive content that authentically represents and empowers all genders, focusing especially on women, non-binary, gender fluid, female-presenting folks, and marginalized genders. For International Women’s Day 2021, we created this behind-the-scenes look at who we are and what we do to bring Star Citizen and Squadron 42 to life.

Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian & Pacific Islander

With over 40+ members and allies in our Asian & Pacific Islander ERG, it's important for us to take some time to acknowledge and celebrate the many contributions the API community has made in both society and in the workplace.

For The Family


As you continue to grow in your career, we understand the challenges of finding the perfect work-life balance. Our Caregivers ERG offers support and resources to our staff with family and elder care responsibilities.

Our Collaborations

Working Together

Cloud Imperium Games is dedicated to partnering with some of the industry's leading voices to continuously find ways to better represent the talented individuals that bolster our organization.

I love the welcoming atmosphere at CIG and being part of the Player Experience Team, where we come from all kinds of backgrounds. It’s really fulfilling to be on a team where we support each other, and everyone’s thoughts and ideas matter. We’re all passionate about Star Citizen, and we work together to help make the player experience better.

Kim Wan, Live QA Specialist
part of the Austin team

I love working for a company where not only am I engaged in the product I’m building, but I also feel there’s an emphasis on employees; how to make our working lives better and more enjoyable.

Zoe Collier, Producer
part of the UK team

We are always encouraged to explore new techniques and solutions. I feel supported and welcome to share ideas here.

Claire Tsao, Data Solutions Analyst
part of the Austin team

Everyone has something to bring to the table. Here at CIG everyone's opinion matters. The inclusive atmosphere inspires me to push further and try new ideas every day. I love my team. We all want the same thing, to create something awe-inspiring.

Daniel Drake, Level Designer
part of the UK team
Making Real Connections

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Group program (ERG) strives to help develop and foster a diverse and inclusive work environment within the context of the company's mission, values, business practices, and objectives, giving employees a platform and voice to help drive meaningful change.

Cloud Imperium Diversity Report

Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Talent Acquisition team has been working hard to create the most diverse workplace possible here at Cloud Imperium. Through the efforts of our DEI training program and partnerships with various organizations we aim to further develop our diverse talent pool and company culture as a whole.



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Our Talent Acquisition team has been working hard to identify and narrow the gaps in representation here at Cloud Imperium. We aim to make improvements through the efforts of our DEI training program and partnerships with various organizations to further develop our diverse talent pool and company culture as a whole.

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